Experience Instant Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

If you are looking for a safe alternative to oral painkillers and the side effects often associated with those pills, then MuscleMagic® Pain Relief Cream is the right solution for you. 

MuscleMagic® is an all-natural external analgesic rub that imparts a gradual soothing, warming effect when applied unto the skin, and has been scientifically formulated to provide fast, safe, and long-lasting pain relief for:  

o Muscle aches            
o Muscle cramps
o Strains & sprains       o Backache
o Bruises                       o Sports injuries
o Tension & stiffness   o Inflammation
o Arthritis                      o Carpal Tunnel
o Tendonitis                  o Fybromialgia (Fibrositis)

This non-greasy, deep-penetrating heat rub has been proven effective for day-to-day discomforts resulting from exercise, chores, or rigorous physical activities - and it is easily applied unto the skin before, during, or after the strenuous activity for alleviation.


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