Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Guide: When to Try a Muscle Pain Relief Cream...

When is it a good idea to try a Muscle Pain Relief cream?

Sometimes it is best to attack pain right at the source, where it hurts. 

A pain relief cream, which is also referred to as a topical NSAID,  is worth trying if you have whiplash, joint or muscle strains or bruises. Its ease of use is convenient: Apply the cream directly to the area, and it is absorbed through your skin. 

A proven over-the-counter cream, such as MuscleMagic Pain Relief, contains the premium EMU oil as well as oleoresin capsicum proven to relief pain fast. This topical treatment is a especially good option if you have trouble swallowing pills, or if you are simply looking for an alternative to pain relief ingestibles to avoid the side effects often associated with them - such as the risk of ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding sometimes caused by taking NSAID medications.

You can also opt to ask your doctor or pharmacist about an option called diclofenac, a prescription NSAID that also comes as a gel (brand name Voltaren), as drops (Pennsaid), and as a patch (Flector). But diclofenac is not cheap: a 30-day supply can run between approx. $170 and $370 or more, depending on how often you use it - and this prescription medication is not available in generic form. The OTC deep penetrating rub such as MuscleMagic is not only less expensive but also a pro-athlete and chiropractor favorite for use before during or after strenuous activity, so you might want to start with one of those.


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