Pain Relief Formula for Athletes

MuscleMagic® Pain Relief Cream
The #1 Pro-Athlete Choice for Optimal Sports Performance & Recovery

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Athletes trust Mu
scleMagic® Pain Relief deep-heat rub due to its three-fold approach to physical activity:

Helps to warm up muscles and prevent cramping. By relaxing the joints and muscles, this may add flexibility to help reduce risk of injury; Helps to soothe soreness from a previous workout, thereby helping you focus for the exercise session ahead.

Sustained heat enables tendons, muscles, and joints to stay loose for maximum utilization.

AFTER A TOUGH WORKOUT: Instant relief soothes aching, stiff, or injured muscles for all-day comfort.

This fast-acting topical pain relieving cream is an all-natural composition, enriched with pure premium Emu oil, camphor, methyl salicylate, and turpentine oil, making it an ideal alternative to oral medications for pain relief.
 For this reason, MuscleMagic has quickly become a favorite among equine athletes to improve sports performance and speed up recovery after exercise. 

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