Tendon and muscle problems: Symptoms, Causes and Solutions

One of the most frequent problems to affect the muscles and tendons is inflammation resulting from overuse, and it may take on many forms, from Tennis Elbow to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Another common condition is Relentless Leg Syndrome, which has proven to affect approximately 1 in 8 people. For this reason, we take a moment to briefly highlight the latter and what can be done to about it...

What is Relentless Leg Syndrome?

This condition is an uncomfortable, relentless feeling in the leg muscles whereby people report it as either a tickling, prickling, or burning sensation, which tends to present itself worse at night.

Research has not yet been able to pinpoint the exact reason of why this condition affects certain people, however it is sometimes related to diabetes or anemia. To-date there is no known cure, but stretching, warming the muscle can help, as can an acupuncture. An easy solution to try at home can be the all-natural MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream, as the deep penetrating heat sensation felt after minutes of application can prove soothing. Enriched with EMU oil, it allows it to penetrate instantly for fast action and its active ingredients have been specifically chosen for its ability to reduce pain at the source. For more severe cases, anti-convulsants can certainly improve symptoms. 

What to do in case of a Repetitive Strain Injury

This condition is often referred to as RSI, and is a muscle or tendon strain resulting from repetitive movements in the hand or arm. Symptoms associated to this include cramping, pins and needles, severe pain, or even heaviness affecting the arm or wrist - but sometimes may extend to the shoulder or neck. RSI is reportedly more likely to affect those who continuously work with a keyboard or a production line performing repetitive work, day-in day out.

We always recommend that you visit your doctor to prevent the condition from getting worse, since avoiding the issue or allowing it to be left untreated for too long, can result in permanent damage. You will find that doctors may recommend that you wear a wrist brace to perform these daily tasks in order to improve the situation. You may find that anti-inflammatory drugs can assist, or if you are looking for a more natural alternative, you can opt for a topical analgesic cream such as MuscleMagic, which is applied easily by rubbing the formula evenly unto the affected area to provide instant temporary relief from aching muscles.

Remember: See your doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms. They can easily recommend that changes be made to your work station. Keep in mind that treatment is much easier if RSI is caught early on.


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