Topical Analgesics | Pain Relieving Products for Back Pain, Aching Muscles & Joints

Topical anti-inflammatory gels and creams are one of the safest ways to reduce inflammation and pain in joints and muscles. Whether you look for a formula to help heal your injury, or provide some relief for your sore joints, an anti-inflammatory deep-penetrating rub such as MuscleMagic® can prove to be useful for instant relief.

MuscleMagic® Pain Relief Cream is indicated as an all-natural topical application used for instant back pain relief and other ailments such as sports injuries and aching joints. Using an innovative topical process, MuscleMagic® delivers camphor, methyl salicylate, turpentine, and other soothing supplements deep into muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Instead of just masking the symptoms of back pain or muscle stiffness, it actually treats the root cause of the inflammation or discomfort right at the source.

One of the key ingredients present in this formulation is pure premium Emu oil, which is an extraordinary carrier for active ingredients. It has two major actions: anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to penetrate the skin fast which serves to drastically improve the absorption of active ingredients.

This world-class muscle topical pain relieving ointment has been specifically favored by chiropractors and health care practitioners for its fresh smell in comparison to other muscle rubs to loosen tight muscles and aching joints.

® Pain Relief Cream is available without a prescription.


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