Back Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment of Backaches - Facts You Should Know

Are you dealing with pain in your lower back? Back pain is a common complaint from people of all ages. In fact, studies show that approximately 80-90% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their life - and 31 million Americans experience a backache at any given point. Furthermore, lower back pain is reckoned to be the #1 leading cause of missed work days! Therefore, it is important to understand a few important principles and some options to help ease the pain.

What Causes Back Pain?
Many factors can contribute to a backache. Mechanical problems with the back may cause discomfort. Examples include:

  • Disk breakdown
  • Muscle spasms
  • A ruptured disk
  • Tense muscles
What is the Difference Between Acute and Chronic Back Pain?

Acute back pain arrives suddenly and can last for a period of 6 weeks or less. It is the most common type of backache and may result from normal daily activities such as sleeping in a bad position, lifting heavy boxes, shoveling snow, falling, being tackled in football, etc. On the other hand, chronic pain lasts for over 3 months and is less common than an acute backache.

How is Back Pain Treated?

The best treatment for backaches largely depends on the type of pain you are experiencing. 

Acute back pain, for example, is often treated by taking an oral pain killer such as acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen to help alleviate the discomfort. An individual may also opt to use an all-natural pain relief cream such as MuscleMagic Pain Relief cream applied topically to target the pain source fast, which presents a nice alternative to oral medications, or can act as a complement to oral pain killers. Exercise and surgery are not usually used to treat acute back pain.

Chronic Pain on the other hands can be treated in different ways as indicated below:

Hot or Cold Packs
Hot or cold packs (or both) have proven to help soothe a sore, stiff back. Heat reduces muscle spasms while cold helps to reduce inflammation and numbs pain. Using hot or cold packs may alleviate the pain temporarily, but this treatment does not fix the cause of chronic back pain - and as such, some people opt for a combination of several solutions.


* Analgesic medications are over-the-counter drugs such as acetaminophen and aspirin or prescription pain medications.

* Topical analgesics refer to cream, gel or sprays applied to the skin to alleviate soreness. MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream has been proven to deeply penetrate the affected area quickly as it is enriched with pure Emu oil known to have high transdermal properties, which means it is quickly absorbed through the skin, and conveniently transports the other active ingredients to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Methyl salicylate and Camphor specifically reduce swelling, while Capsaicin produces a warm, tingling sensation to distract attention away from the pain. 

Proper exercise can help ease chronic pain but should not be used for acute back pain. Your doctor or physical therapist can help you determine the best type of simple exercises you should do in order to alleviate discomfort.

Finally, it is important to highlight that the experience of low back pain tends to be different for many people. For example, two people can have the exact same condition, yet for one person the pain is incapacitating and for the other it is a mere nuisance.


Treating Arthritis Pain: Helpful Tips to Fight Arthritis Discomfort

Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints. The major complaint by individuals with this condition is joint pain. Pain is often a constant and may be localized to the joint affected. The pain from arthritis is due to inflammation that occurs around the joint, damage to the joint from disease, daily wear and tear of joint, muscle strains caused by forceful movements against stiff painful joints and fatigue.

MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream is a deep penetrating topical analgesic rub easily applied to the painful area, reducing inflammation and alleviating muscle and joint soreness.
Enriched with premium pure Emu oil, it penetrates deeply through the skin and into the affected area fast as it contains high-transdermal properties which enables it to achieve this, as well as to carry the other active ingredients known to reduce inflammation and pain such as: 
Methyl Salicylate, Camphor, Oleoresin Capsicum, and Turpentine oil.

What types of ingredients are used in effective pain relief creams?

  • Category 1: Capsaicin - Capsaicin (kap-SAY-ih-sin) causes the burning sensation you associate with chili peppers. Capsaicin creams deplete your nerve cells of a chemical that's important for sending pain messages. (Examples include Capzasin and Zostrix).
  • Category 2: Salicylates - Salicylates (suh-LIS-uh-lates) contain the pain-relieving substance found in aspirin. (Examples include Aspercreme and Bengay).
  • Category 3: Counterirritants - Substances such as menthol and camphor produce a sensation of hot or cold that may temporarily override your ability to feel your arthritis pain. (Examples include Icy Hot and Biofreeze).
The wonderful part about MuscleMagic Pain Relief cream is that this effective pain relief cream actually includes all three types of agents mentioned above in order to effectively alleviate pain. It contains oleoresin capsicum which falls under category 1, it contains methyl salicylate which pertains to category 2, and it also contains camphor, mentioned in category 3.
Additionally, MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream is an all-natural external analgesic which presents an ideal alternative to oral pain medication, as the treatment is absorbed through the skin.


Sports Training: Best Pain Relief for Sore Muscles & Joints

As can be expected, professional athletes have a powerful incentive to seek out the very best treatment in the world because they want to keep playing...and most importantly, winning. Winning by bringing for their best, which means tip top training. And as they know all too well...intensive training all too often means sore muscles. 

Athletes are continuously looking for alternative pain killers to pills to eliminate the risk of overdosing with ingestible pain relief treatment, which have resulted in the number one reason for emergency room visits.
MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream
offers an ideal alternative to oral medication for pain relief and has been trusted by athletes and their athletic trainers for the fast action in alleviating pain, while increasing mobility and speeding up recovery. In fact, this deep heat rub has quickly become a pro-athlete favorite since it contains pain alleviating agents that get to the source fast and provide long lasting relief, yet they can use it prior to a workout to help loosen the muscles and minimize cramping.

MuscleMagic Pain Relief is an all-natural topical analgesic enriched with premium Emu oil favored by chiropractors for its ability to provide instant relief, as well as other ingredients known to treat pain and reduce inflammation. These include: Methyl Salicylate, Camphor, Oleoresin Capsicum and Turpentine oil.  All natural ingredients that provide multiple benefits as highlighted below:

Emu Oil 1%: A highly-effective pain relieving agent long used by Australian aborigines to treat bone, muscle and joint disorders. Promotes wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties to injured area, while greatly contributing to skin health as it is non-irritating, highly moisturizing and nurturing to the skin.

Professional sports trainers and players recognize the benefits of emu oil and use it for sprains, pulled muscles, and sore joints as it contains high levels of linolenic acid - a substance known to ease joint pain - and oleic acid, a substance that has local anti-inflammatory effect on dermal tissue, and can induce a long lasting state of pain relief in the local area.

Camphor Essential Oil: An essential oil favored for its antiseptic, sedative, anti-neuralgic, anti-inflammatory, and disinfectant properties. Readily absorbed through the skin, this agent produces cooling effect similar to that of menthol that helps the body and mind relax, all while acting as a slight local anesthetic antimicrobial substance.

Methyl Salicylate (Oil of wintergreens): Wintergreen oil has long been used as a topical application to treat aches and pains. It is a rubefacient known to cause dilation of the capillaries and increase blood circulation; blocks chemicals in the body that cause pain. Contains analgesic and antiseptic properties.

Oleoresin Capsicum: Highly effective for pain relief due to its ability to block the production of substance P, which is a neurotransmitter that conveys pain signals from the site of an injury to the brain. Oleoresin capsicum produces an intense burning sensation that wears off within 15 to 20 minutes.


Arthritis Pain & Discomfort | All-Natural Topical Pain Relief

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs are the most prescribed medications for treating conditions such as arthritis, but there are also other approaches -or even complementary products to NSAIDs - that are available for pain relief since some people find it useful to choose from an array of different pain treatments, combining them in a regimen that fits their lifestyles. 

A wide range of non-drug therapies for pain include: acupuncture, massage therapy, biofeedback, assistive devices, tai chi, yoga. Another popular choice proven to assist in providing temporary relief fast are topical treatments. 

One such topical analgesic is MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream which is not only an all-natural solution to address the growing number of population seeking natural formulas, but it a premium pain relief rub applied unto the skin easily, noted for its ability to penetrate deeply into the skin fast, as it is enriched with Emu oil - a prominent trans-dermal carrier. That is, it has the ability to carry itself and other added ingredients along with it into the body. In this case, it transport renowned agents such as methyl salicylate, turpentine oil and camphor directly to the pain source to impart alleviation.

MuscleMagic Pain Relief is an effective alternatives to prescription and internal analgesics. In fact, this fast-acting topical pain reliever can reduce needed dosages of such oral painkillers, thereby eliminating the overdose risks often associated with these ingestibles. 

The proven MuscleMagic Pain Relief topical formula has proven effective in alleviating the pain, spasms, and inflammation associated with arthritis, but also useful when applied prior to intensive physical activity to warm up muscles and minimize soreness.

Women's Health Tips: Managing Muscle Pain, Soreness, and Aches

Yes, it's normal to have sore muscles after you work out, play sports, or even do housework, but it is great to know that there is an all-natural topical pain relief cream that help keep soreness under control and provide fast alleviation.

MuscleMagic maximum-strength pain relief cream is an external analgesic that has been tested by pro-athletes and trainers who report “MuscleMagic really works!” when other products have failed. 

This premium deep-heat rub imparts a gradual soothing, warming effect when applied to the skin, delivering notable alleviation in as little as 6 minutes to aching joints and muscles vs. pain killers which can take a whole hour to take effect.

Active individuals affirm
MuscleMagic’s efficacy in relieving the discomfort, cramps, and inflammation associated with:
 *Carpal tunnel
·      *Back/neck pain
·      *Tendonitis
·      *Sports injuries
·      *Fybromialgia 
 *Tennis elbow, sprains, and more

Furthermore, athletes and fitness enthusiasts further report that MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream serves to: a) loosens muscles when applied prior to exercise b) enhances athletic performance c) minimizes post-workout soreness, thereby speeding up recovery time.


Bodybuilding: Breaking Down To Build Up - Muscle Growth And Pain Relief

The key to increase muscle and improve fitness lies in working your muscle to fatigue. You don't necessarily need to lift heavy weights to do so, but you must bring your muscle to failure - which often means you will be sore for the next 24-72 hours after such an intense workout.  It's a pain that bodybuilders know all too well. 

But the good news is that you can get rid of muscle or joint pain from strength workouts with:

The athlete-trusted source for fast-acting muscle, joint and arthritis pain alleviation. 

This maximum strength pain relief cream imparts a gradual heating sensation and consequent alleviation that athletes favor. In fact, the all-natural topical analgesic is used by world-class athletes and athletic trainers to:

*Target aching and inflamed areas of the body; 

*Improve mobility; 
*Speed up recovery

Enriched with premium EMU OIL, MuscleMagic contains high-transdermal properties, which means it works quickly to transport active ingredients through the skin easier, thereby getting to the source of the problem fast. This delivers instant relief to affected area, maximizes healing benefits, and penetrates deeply to activate sensory receptors that help block pain signals. The proprietary blend of pure essential oils work synergistically to minimize discomfort but also impart anti-inflammatory characteristics which have proven beneficial after strenuous physical activity.


Recommended Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream

According to Harvard Health, anti-inflammatory formulations applied to the skin as creams, gels, sprays, or patches work best for mild to moderate pain near the surface. In fact, they point out that if you have mild to moderate osteoarthritis, a sore shoulder or even a throbbing elbow after completing yard work, then you should know about topical analgesics...

Topical Analgesics 

A term used to refer for pain relievers which are applied to the skin, rather than taken as pills or liquids. They come in different forms such as creams, sprays, gels, or patches. Their active ingredients, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (or NSAIDs), penetrate through the skin to reach the pain source, whereas oral painkillers flood the whole body with the medication."They can be very helpful for the more superficial joints like the knees, ankles, feet, elbows, and hands," says Dr. Rosalyn Nguyen, a clinical instructor in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School. "In those areas, the medication can penetrate closer to the joint."

An all-natural topical NSAIDs that is known to offer the same pain relief as oral medications, but with fewer gastrointestinal concerns, is MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream.

Enriched with pure Emu oil and an array of active ingredients known to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, this premium formula is a pro-athlete favorite as it gets to the source of the pain fast. The deep penetrating heat provides soothing relief and helps to works effectively to relax and alleviate the muscle. The essential oils in this topical application have been favored for its antiseptic, sedative, anti-neuralgic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. It really works! 

Obtain most benefit from this cream if:
*Your stomach is sensitive to oral NSAIDs*The source of pain is near the surface*The pain comes from a focused area, such as a single joint

* When using this or any other topical analgesic cream, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying it to avoid getting getting it in your eyes, nose, mouth, or other mucous membranes.


Post Work-out Soreness: How to Deal with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

If you are an athlete, a fitness fanatic, and you like to push your limits, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is the type of soreness you're probably most familiar with. It's that muscle tenderness you tend to feel 24-48 hours after an intense workout.

This muscle discomfort is an indication of your body's natural process of adapting. You see, when you try a new exercise or do a challenging workout, your muscle fibers tear and your body must repair that muscle, which is why you may feel this type of lingering soreness for up to 72 hours afterwards. You may find that you tend to feel more sore on the second or third day after the tough exercise than you did the day after. The great news is that once you get back at it again, you will find that this same activity should not make you as sore anymore since your muscles should have adapted after repairing themselves and getting stronger.

How to Prevent DOMS Stretching is great for various reasons and one should stretch and properly cool down, which is believed to help prevent DOMS. But in order to avoid DOMS completely, it is best to progress slowly and consistently into your training program to allow your muscles to be challenged gradually and build over time.

How to Treat DOMS
Research and opinions vary on this topic, but there are various options that can provide post-workout relief for muscle aches such as stretching, icing, massage, yoga, as well as an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory (always consult your doctor) formula.

An athlete favorite is the all-natural MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream for its dual purpose. Not only does it help soothe aching muscles, strains and stiffness after intense training for faster recovery, but it actually serves as an ideal pre-workout topical application that can help warm up and loosen muscles for maximum utilization during your sports performance, minimizing cramping. This deep-penetrating heat rub works effectively to lessen discomfort from inflammation and relieves tension. 

Rest is key, but do not over do it. 
Active recovery is beneficial after working out—just a little bit of physical activity will help increase blood circulation which, in turn, helps speed muscle recovery. Be certain to keep it low-impact, low-intensity and brief—it is not necessary to go longer than 30 minutes to achieve results.