Pain Management: All-Natural Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

MUSCLEMAGIC® Pain Relief Cream is the preferred choice of pro-athletes, athletic trainers, and active individuals for soothing relief from pain in muscles and joints.  The premium topical analgesic reaches the pain source quickly to alleviate soreness, stiffness, over-extension and discomfort resulting from strenuous physical activity, but it has long been recommended by hands-on healthcare professionals due to its ability to do much more.
This deep-heat rub is masterfully designed for pre-, during, and/or post-exercise use to help warm up muscles, maximize performance, and speed up recovery time, respectively. Fitness enthusiasts have confirmed that using this solution before and after workouts yields less cramping, fatigue, and soreness.
MuscleMagic is manufactured by Derjers International, proud to be a minority-owned company based in Michigan. Originally formulated to treat arthritis and carpal tunnel, MuscleMagic treats pain at the source unlike any other product on the market which imparts a solid advantage for individuals that incorporate it into their routine.
It’s simple: MuscleMagic works.
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Back Pain & Your Diet: Eating Power Foods That Heal Pain

Many people have not realized the great connection between their food intake, their back's strength and overall health. It's easy, think of it this way: In the same manner as your car engine works, your body needs attention in receiving the proper nutrition so that the muscles can continue to move and support your spine. Should your car run out of gas, what happens? Yes, the engine quits and the car can not and will not move. You know it. If you have not eaten, your back muscles will not work efficiently; in fact, they can weaken, tighten up, and be more susceptible to fatigue-related injury.

Eat Power Foods

Clearly, your muscles require food to maintain their vigor. Now the key is that it's not just any food. The kind of food you eat truly matters. In today's fast-paced world, eating right can be difficult - but certainly not impossible. Fast food may satisfy your hunger, but your muscles and your body need power foods.

Power foods are those that provide energy slowly, over the course of a few hours. They keep your muscles supplied with the fuel they require in order to support and protect your spine. Power foods contain complex-carbohydrates and an adequate amount of protein, they are also low in simple sugars, and in fat. Key example: Quinoa!
Keep in mind that vitamins and minerals are also important; they are key in your body's ability to release the energy from foods and in keeping your body healthy. Be sure to get calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones strong and resilient.
Oxygen radicals are believed to play a role in the cellular damage that follows the rupture of muscle fibers during exercise. By consuming plenty of antioxidant vitamins and enzymes on a daily basis, athletes can limit this damage. Vitamins C and E appear to be the most effective antioxidant defenders against free radical damage to muscle tissues. Citrus fruits, melon, and berries are good sources of vitamin C. Vegetable oils, nuts, dark green vegetables and whole grains are rich in vitamin E.
Make a strong effort to make fruits, vegetables, whole-grain cereals, whole-wheat breads, and different forms of whole-wheat pasta the majority of your diet. You are cheating yourself if you opt to drown these foods in sauces, butter, dressing, or other forms of fat. 
Finally, do your best to stay away from soft drinks, sweet bakeries, candy bars, ice cream, cookies, and other sweets, because they provide too much energy too quickly for the body to use - and a as a result, they just get stored as fat. Yes, this excess energy gets converted into fat and stored in places you probably don't want it.

The bottom line is that if you are consistent in these practices your body - and your back - will certainly thank you for it.


Eating Green & Exercising Smart: Reduce Muscle Damage, Minimize Pain

We continue with our tips on how to exercise smart and maximizing your efforts by eating green! For this purpose, we highlight the Watercress-Apple Smoothie which is known to power up your workout and minimize muscle damage! Here's how:

Watercress-Apple Smoothie

Power up your workout with this green drink! Watercress is considered one of the
 best foods for energy and muscle repair. In one study, people who ate just three ounces of the little leaf daily for eight weeks, prior to engaging in strenuous exercise, suffered from less post-workout muscle damage. And thanks to high levels of vitamins C, K, folate, and calcium contained in watercress, it gives your brain, not just your body, a boost!

To Prevent Muscle Cramping Prior to a Workout or to Treat Pain After Exercise:

MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream is an all-natural pain relief cream which incorporates Mother Nature's herbal extracts for alleviating pain -- camphor, oleoresin capsaicin, wintergreen oil - among others agents known to address pain at the source and alleviate sore muscles. The benefit of this deep-penetrating heat rub is that it can be used PRIOR to exercise to help warm up muscles and minimize muscle spasms/cramps OR it may be applied after a workout in order to address soreness and speed up recovery.
This all-natural topical analgesic has quickly become a pro-athlete favorite as it presents a nice alternative to pills/painkillers often associated with side effects.