The Best Way to Reduce Post-Workout Soreness

Pills aren't the only way to relieve minor aches and pains. Pro-athletes and athletic trainers trust MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream before and after exercise to minimize muscle pain, all while improving performance.

In fact, this deep penetrating heat rub has proven ideal for high intensity training as it helps to warm up muscles (to minimize cramping), reduces post-workout pain, and speeds up recovery.


The MuscleMagic Pain Relief cream is conveniently applied PRIOR to a workout in order to help warm up muscles and minimize muscle spasms that can affect performance. DURING the workout, the liniment can then be applied to the muscles in order to maximize muscle utilization so that you can perform at your best. This will effectively aid in the reduction of lactic acid and metabolic waste build up. Then, after taking a refreshing shower at the end of your intense workout, MuscleMagic can be applied to tense muscles and joints for immediate relief to speed up recovery time and get you ready for your next workout session.

The 4 oz. MuscleMagic Pain Relief cream can be conveniently carried in your gym bag, and ideally incorporated as a pre- and post- workout regimen for the equine athlete - and in this manner, being proactive in injury prevention and training hardcore with minimized soreness to maximize success.

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Price: $24.99 USD  


Best Back Pain Cream | Pain Relief Without Pills

Trained health care professionals opt for MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream when it comes to recommending a back pain cream to alleviate pain fast. This deep-penetrating rub contains premium EMU oil which serves to transport ingredients quickly through the skin, getting active ingredients such as wintergreen oil to the source to relieve pain fast. 

MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream specifically incorporates EMU oil in its advanced formula as research has shown it is an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory to reduce pain.

Emu oil has hormone like compounds called Eicosanoids that trigger the body to increase blood flow to an area also encouraging cells to soften their outer membrane to allow more oxygen in and more toxins out. These two factors encourage skin health and deep penetration to the dermis where new cells are generated – making it an excellent carrier for essential oils, especially pain blends like MuscleMagic Pain Relief

This effective formula not only contains EMU but other active ingredients such as wintergreen oil which is yet another ideal substance to help transport the active ingredients to the source of the pain. It also incorporates yet another counter-irritant in its powerful formula: Methyl Salicylate. This natural ingredient has proven useful for musculoskeletal pain, and has direct analgesic effects but also provides tissue warming by its vasodilatory effects. 

The powerful MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream is applied over the injured or painful body part and deeply penetrates into the subcutaneous tissues, musculature, and tendons where it exerts its therapeutic action.


Choosing the Perfect Cream for Advanced Therapy Massage | Massage Supplies

The skilled touch of a massage therapist is at the heart of a successful session and a satisfied list of loyal clients. It is the small details that make clients happy and a massage therapists more confident. One of those important details is choosing a premium massage cream perfectly formulated for the important task of not only helping the client relax wtih a therapeutic massage but to also relieve pain, soreness, discomfort and stress.

MUSCLEMAGIC PAIN RELIEF CREAM not only provides instant relief of muscle and joint related pain and discomfort, but also has the perfect viscosity for hands-on advanced therapy. The cream literally feels like it favorably melts in your hand as you apply unto the skin, and has proven to not ball up when performing such therapies as myofascial release, trigger point work, and Active Release Therapy (ART). 

In fact, it applies like a rich creme, but performs like an oil with benefits of both textures in one, making it the ideal topical analgesic for longer massage sessions. 

MUSCLEMAGIC PAIN RELIEF CREAM absorbs quickly into skin, breaks the pain-spasm cycle and releases the muscle, and in this manner is makes therapies more effective. The transporter system contains a proprietary blend of Wintergreen Oil and Emu Oil among other natural ingredients. Wintergreen Oil helps carry the other herbs through the skin, to relieve arthritis pain, joint stiffness, muscle spasms, and inflammation. Premium EMU oil is also a natural emollient used by Aboriginal Australians for thousands of years for its remarkable healing and anti inflammatory properties, reason for which it is also incorporated into this potent formula.

The deep penetrating formula is available in 4 ounce bottles for $24.99 USD and wholesale pricing is available for licensed professionals.

To order visit: www.musclemagicpainrelief.com/order or to obtain wholesale pricing, call (313) 887-5184 (Email: orders@musclemagicpainrelief.com)


Wellness Tips: Benefits of Capsicum for Topical Pain Relief

Capsicum oleoresin is the name of the active ingredient found in chili peppers and cayenne peppers and what makes the chili and cayenne peppers taste hot. This natural ingredient has also known to been added to medicated sprays, lotions, and creams for the treatment of muscle and joint pain.  In fact, throughout history, capsicum has been used topically for the pain of:
*Shingles *Osteoarthritis *Rheumatoid arthritis *Diabetic neuropathy *Back pain*Fibromyalgia and *Post-surgical neuralgias

For this reason, this all-natural camphor is one of the active ingredients in the external analgesic MUSCLEMAGIC PAIN RELIEF CREAM, favored by top athletes, trainers, chiropractors, and other health care practitioners. MuscleMagic Pain Relief relies on a unique delivery system which includes premium EMU OIL that immediately transports the capsicum oleoresin and other active ingredients to the source of pain, providing fast relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with: simple backache, arthritis, sport injuries, strains, and sprains. Available in 4 oz bottles for $24.99 USD. To order, visit: www.musclemagicpainrelief.com/order  or call (313) 887-5184. 

Wellness Tips: Benefits of Camphor for Pain Relief

This botanical extract is also known as Cinnamomum camphora  or Laurus camphora - and its family is: Lauraceae. Camphor has been used medicinally since ancient times and is even more popular today. 

Topically, camphor is used to relieve pain - it is a known analgesic and an antipruritic - and it increases local blood flow. Camphor is also used to treat osteoarthritis, and it is is an FDA-approved ingredient for topical use as an analgesic and anesthetic.
For this reason, this natural/herbal ingredient is one of the many active ingredients in the deep-penetrating analgesic 
MUSCLEMAGIC PAIN RELIEF CREAM, favored by top athletes, trainers, and health care professionals. MuscleMagic Pain Relief relies on a unique delivery system which includes pure EMU OIL,  serving to easily transport the Camphor and other active ingredients for fast relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with: arthritis, simple backache, sport injuries, strains, and sprains.
Available in 4 oz bottle. Price $24.99 USD
You may order at: www.musclemagicpainrelief.com/order or at local chiropractor office near you. Questions? Call direct: (313) 887-5184.

Chiropractic News 2016: Must-have rehab products for your sports practice

A vast amount of sports rehabilitation products are available to help your patients during the healing process. The following rehab product is a must-have quality product for your sports practice, proven to provide accelerated healing and pain reduction.


MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream is a fast-absorbing topical analgesic that works effectively to address acute conditions or sudden injuries. It penetrates into the skin and deep into the muscles, imparting a subtle warm, tingling sensation that helps relieve your patients’ pain and increase their range of motion.

MuscleMagic minimizes pain of muscles and joints associated with backaches, strains, bruises, and sprains. It is formulated to help warm-up muscles prior to exercise, increase endurance, and for faster recovery. In addition, the non-staining cream leaves no messy residue, instead it offers an exceptional glide for soft tissue trigger point point therapy with a refreshing aromatherapy scent.

The deep-penetrating liniment is ideal for use prior to rehabilitation exercises and stretching, or to provide relief between office visits.

Available in 4oz. bottle. SRP: $24.99 USD
Be certain to contact the MuscleMagic team for wholesale pricing for your practice.
Email: orders@musclemagicpainrelief.com  or Call: (313) 887-5184