Micro Needling Therapy: Non-Invasive Facelift that will not hurt your Pocket!

Which facial and body areas can be treated?
Back of hands and armsOther body areas
Stimulate hair growth on scalpAnti-ageing
Skin tightenSkin whitening
Pigmentation & melasmaEye bags & dark circles
Skin moistureExpression lines
Local fat excessesScars
Stretch marksDeep wrinkles
Hair lossOily skin and stretched pores
You can start to see improvement the day after the first treatment. However, a series of treatments is required to produce enough collagen and elastin to retain those benefits. By the end of the series of treatments, you should see fuller, smoother skin with more even skin tone. If raised scars were treated, the amount of scar tissue should be reduced. Acne scars or other depressed scars will be less noticeable because of the new collagen created immediately below the scars.

Look Younger, with a brighter and natural glow
- Reduce appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite
- Get rid of wrinkles around the eyes, and mouth
- Reduce large pores from your face
-Lighter Skin, even out pigmentation, improve sun damage skin
A Non-invasive procedure, known as Skin Needling System 
- Known and used by famous and elite as Oxygen Facial Treatments

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Other Collagen Induction Therapy (Micro Needling) benefits:
In addition to stimulating collagen growth, micro needling also creates channels through which any substance applied to the skin surface (know as topical application) can be absorbed far more easily. It is, after all, the skin’s job to keep things out and piercing this shield works well in breaking down that barrier for a limited time.
What this means is that any topical application used actually reaches the areas it is intended for. Studies suggest that using a skin needling system in this way can boost the effectiveness of topical treatment by several hundred percent. Be very careful to use only sterilized products, free of preservatives and chemicals! The nutrients or active ingredients are allowed to reach the lower levels of the skin layers.

  • Does not cause skin damage (ablation/removal of the epidermis)
  • Does not induce skin sensitivity to UV light (the horny layer of the epidermis quickly regains its integrity without diminished thickness and disrupted sun protection barrier).
  • Does not pose a risk of permanent skin discoloration.
  • Can be used on the face, neck, décolleté and any other parts of the body.
  • Can be used on thin skin formerly treated with chemical peels and lasers.
  • Cost effective treatment alternative to Fraxel and resurfacing treatments.
  • Short healing time.
  • Minimal discomfort during the healing time.
  • In case of unsatisfactory results, the procedure can be repeated risk-free.

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