Highly Effective Treatments For Lower-Back Pain

People of all ages can suffer from lower back aches at one point or another. However, bone and muscle structure has proven to lose elasticity and strength as people age, which makes individuals more prone to back injuries as time passes. But, there are other factors that can contribute to lower back pain such as improper posture, being over weight, degenerative diseases, as well as stress.

There are a few methods by which an individual can find easy, safe, and fast-acting relief.

For example, the use of a heat pad can be soothing when a backache results from fatigue or muscle spasms. A gentle massage can also provide relaxation and instant relief. On the other hand, using moist heat such as that of a sauna or soaking in a hot bath or from nice hot shower helps. Utilizing a deep heat pain relief cream has also proven to provide great benefits at it is a safe alternative to ingestive pills to relieve pain....

Opting For Joint Pain Relief Cream: A Safe Treatment to Reduce Inflammation and Alleviate Pain 

MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream is the #1 choice athletic trainers for joint pain relief, as this deep penetrating heat provides instant relief for aching joints and muscles. Its natural ingredients allow MuscleMagic to target the pain at the source effectively without causing harm. The combined efforts of each herbal ingredient provides pain relief, reduces swelling. In fact, this first-class formula contains premium Emu oil as it is the fastest and most penetrating oil into the skin. Emu oil acts as a transdermal carrier for the 5 other active ingredients in MuscleMagic to target the pain source quicker, and serves to enhance the properties of the other agents it is mixed with, all while providing benefits of its own. In fact, emu oil is a highly-effective pain relieving agent long used by Australian aborigines to treat muscle and joint disorders. It has been hand-selected for the MuscleMagic formula as it promotes anti-inflammatory properties to the injured area while highly moisturizing and nurturing to the skin. Furthermore, it contains high levels of linolenic acid - a substance known to ease joint pain - and oleic acid, a substance that has local anti-inflammatory effect on dermal tissue, and can induce a long lasting state of pain relief in the local area. To order MuscleMagic, you can visit: www.musclemagicpainrelief.com/order

Gym Essentials: Items You Need In Your Gym Bag [Bodybuilding tips for Women]

1. Dry Shampoo — Rejuve3 Scalp Protecting Mist — No time to shower? Hair looks greasy or oily after working out? This dermatologist-recommended product is amazing for post-workout hair.  It is unlike other "dry shampoos" that simply masks the scalp odor since it eliminates perspiration, bacteria, greasiness, debris by absorbing oil at the roots. Not only does it add volume back to your hair but it also has a wonderful scent to make your hair and scalp smell fresh. Furthermore, it contains Vitamin B known to work wonders for your hair and scalp! Price: $ 23.95 for an 8 oz. bottle.

2. (Recommended for Pre & Post-Workout) — MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream —Great for preemptive protection. The rub quickly increases circulation, so it can help warm and loosen your muscles faster before your workout. This minimizes muscle cramping and maximizes muscle utilization during your physical activity. The great part is that you can incorporate this deep-heat cream to your post-workout regimen. This lightweight topical application leaves a warm layer of relief when you massage it into your muscles, and it lasts for a few hours after my weight-lifting session. With MuscleMagic, you can melt away muscle tension and keep your pain from sidelining your workouts. It works by boosting circulation enough to remove lactic acid, a buildup of muscular debris that occurs when you pump blood to your muscles faster than it flows back to your heart. Price $24.99 for a 4 oz. jar.

DOMS – Get rid of post-workout muscle soreness with this proven tip

If you are an athlete, a fitness fanatic, and you like to push your limits, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is the type of soreness you're probably most familiar with. It's that muscle tenderness you tend to feel 24-48 hours after an intense workout. 

We provide you with a proven athlete tip to effectively get relief from muscle soreness and even help prevent/minimize it. But first it's important to understand that this muscle discomfort is an indication of your body's natural process of adapting. You see, when you try a new exercise or do a challenging workout, your muscle fibers tear and your body must repair that muscle, which is why you may feel this type of lingering soreness for up to 72 hours afterwards. You may find that you tend to feel more sore on the second or third day after the tough exercise than you did the day after. The great news is that once you get back at it again, you will find that this same activity should not make you as sore anymore since your muscles should have adapted after repairing themselves and getting stronger.

How to Prevent DOMS Stretching is great for various reasons and one should stretch and properly cool down, which is believed to help prevent DOMS. But in order to avoid DOMS completely, it is best to progress slowly and consistently into your training program to allow your muscles to be challenged gradually and build over time.

How to Treat DOMS
Research and opinions vary on this topic, but there are various options that can provide post-workout relief for muscle aches such as stretching, icing, massage, yoga, as well as an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory (always consult your doctor) formula.

An athlete favorite is the all-natural MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream for its dual purpose. Not only does it help soothe aching muscles, strains and stiffness after intense training for faster recovery, but it actually serves as an ideal pre-workout topical application that can help warm up and loosen muscles for maximum utilization during your sports performance, minimizing cramping. This deep-penetrating heat rub works effectively to lessen discomfort from inflammation and relieves tension. 

Rest is key, but do not over do it. 
Active recovery is beneficial after working out—just a little bit of physical activity will help increase blood circulation which, in turn, helps speed muscle recovery. Be certain to keep it low-impact, low-intensity and brief—it is not necessary to go longer than 30 minutes to achieve results.

Best way to get rid of muscle soreness after a workout (without pills!)

Exercise physiologists refer to the gradually increasing discomfort that occurs between 24 and 48 hours after activity as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and it is perfectly normal. However, there is an effective way you can minimize pain without taking Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). 
You can opt for a topical application such as MUSCLEMAGIC PAIN RELIEF CREAM, an all-natural deep-heat cream easily applied directly to the skin for instant relief from sore muscles and joints. In fact, if you apply it BEFORE a workout, MUSCLEMAGIC PAIN RELIEF CREAM works diligently to help warm up muscles faster, reduce lactic acid build-up and maximize muscle utilization. This all-natural sportsrub has been tested by professional basketball players, UFC fighters, sports therapists and bodybuilders, who note that it allows them to enjoy a more effective workout. MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream's unique slow release system is fortified with EMU oil to deliver active compounds effectively, and provides muscle cells with sustained energy bursts that last several hours.

More and more athletes and athletic trainers are looking for alternatives to taking Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) since once MUST be cautious when taking such pain relief pills (ie. ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin).


Treatment of sore muscles after exercise is focused on reducing the inflammation and allowing the sore muscle to heal properly. MuscleMagic Pain Relief comes in handy when utilized after you workout. After taking a refreshing shower at the end of your strenuous exercise, MuscleMagic can be applied to tense muscles and joints for immediate alleviation and to help speed up recovery time to get you ready for your next performance. The 4 oz. MuscleMagic Pain Relief cream can be conveniently carried in a gym bag, and ideally incorporated as a pre- and post- workout regimen for the equine athlete - and in this manner, being proactive in injury prevention and training hardcore with minimized soreness to maximize success.  

Natural Relief From Arthritis Pain | Alternative to Pills

Arthritis is a painful and degenerative condition marked by inflammation in the joints that causes stiffness and pain. The most common type of arthritis -osteoarthritis - is known to get worse with age and is caused by wear and tear over the years. Doctors traditionally treat arthritis with anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers. However, some medications cause side effects, and a natural approach to pain relief is increasingly becoming more popular.

It's good to know all options and choose what is best for you. There are many arthritis creams that can help when applied to a painful area. Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) reduce swelling. Arthritis creams are effective and comforting, but they only provide temporary pain relief. The main types of arthritis pain relief creams are:
  • salicylates
  • counterirritants
  • capsaicin

A proven formula is MUSCLEMAGIC PAIN RELIEF CREAM. It contains capsaicin (among other all-natural pain relief ingredients) to alleviate arthritis pain. This formula incorporates specifically incorporates capsaicin, an element found in hot chili peppers, as it reduces pain by blocking the skin’s pain receptors. It further contains a salicylate - Wintergreen oil - a natural ingredient which contains methyl salicylate proven to alleviate pain. According to a review published in the journal BMJ, creams containing salicylates have been shown to work moderately well in treating arthritis pain. The MuscleMagic Pain Relief potent formula is particularly effective as it is further enriched with Camphor, which warms the skin and distract the brain from pain.

You can order this 4 oz. product for $24.99 USD at:


Best Supplement to Reduce Post-Exercise Muscle & Joint Pain

A regular vigorous workout program can help you reach your weight-loss and fitness goals, but it can also leave you aching for days afterward. Anytime you perform an activity that puts unaccustomed loads on your muscles, you may feel soreness in those muscles from 12 to 72 hours afterward.

Pro-athletes, athletic trainers, and health practitioners trust in the all-natural MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream prior, during, and post-excersise in order to minimize muscle and joint pain, all while improving performance. In fact, this topical analgesic (pain relief cream) has proven ideal for high intensity training or highly active individuals as it dramatically reduces post-workout pain, minimizes cramping and speeds up recovery.

How It Works

The MuscleMagic Pain Relief cream is easily applied PRIOR to physical activity in order to help warm up muscles, and minimize muscle spasms that can affect performance. During the workout, the topical analgesic cream can then be applied to the muscles in order to maximize muscle utilization so that you can perform at your best. This will effectively aid in the reduction of lactic acid and metabolic waste build up. Then, after taking a refreshing shower at the end of the strenuous exercise, MuscleMagic can then be applied to tense muscles and joints for immediate alleviation, speed up recovery time to get you ready for your next performance.

The 4 oz. MuscleMagic Pain Relief cream can be conveniently carried in a gym bag, and ideally incorporated as a pre- and post- workout regimen for the equine athlete - and in this manner, being proactive in injury prevention and training hardcore with minimized soreness to maximize success.

You may order this 4 oz. product for $24.99 at: http://musclemagicpainrelief.com/order.html