Gym Essentials: Items You Need In Your Gym Bag [Bodybuilding tips for Women]

1. Dry Shampoo — Rejuve3 Scalp Protecting Mist — No time to shower? Hair looks greasy or oily after working out? This dermatologist-recommended product is amazing for post-workout hair.  It is unlike other "dry shampoos" that simply masks the scalp odor since it eliminates perspiration, bacteria, greasiness, debris by absorbing oil at the roots. Not only does it add volume back to your hair but it also has a wonderful scent to make your hair and scalp smell fresh. Furthermore, it contains Vitamin B known to work wonders for your hair and scalp! Price: $ 23.95 for an 8 oz. bottle.

2. (Recommended for Pre & Post-Workout) — MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream —Great for preemptive protection. The rub quickly increases circulation, so it can help warm and loosen your muscles faster before your workout. This minimizes muscle cramping and maximizes muscle utilization during your physical activity. The great part is that you can incorporate this deep-heat cream to your post-workout regimen. This lightweight topical application leaves a warm layer of relief when you massage it into your muscles, and it lasts for a few hours after my weight-lifting session. With MuscleMagic, you can melt away muscle tension and keep your pain from sidelining your workouts. It works by boosting circulation enough to remove lactic acid, a buildup of muscular debris that occurs when you pump blood to your muscles faster than it flows back to your heart. Price $24.99 for a 4 oz. jar.


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