Treatment of Neuropathic Pain: Benefits of Topical Capsaicin

Non-prescription topical pain relievers (aka. analgesics), which are rubbed on the skin, are available to help treat pain from neuropathy, nerve pain, inflammation or discomfort from acute musculoskeletal injury.These powerful liniments contain active ingredients such as Capsaicin, just as MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream®, does. Capsaicin is a natural substance made from the seeds of hot chili peppers, and is known to reduce the ability of nerve cells to transmit pain messages to the brain. For this reason, it is incorporated into the MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream favored by healthcare practitioners and pro-athletes as the topical pain reliever provides temporary relief from minor pain located close to the skin's surface. 

Another reason why 
MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream® incorporates the active ingredient Capsaicin is that it serves as a counter-irritant (a substance applied to the skin that, by acting as an irritant on a painful zone, attenuates the sensation of pain - it depletes substance P) that provides relief in neuropathic pain conditions including: PHN, diabetic neuropathy, and post-surgical neuropathic pain.  

Repeated topical applications of capsaicin, are followed by a prolonged period of reduced skin sensibility referred to as desensitization, or nociceptor inactivation. Capsaicin not only depletes substance P but also results in a reversible degeneration of epidermal nerve fibers.[41] Nevertheless, benefits appear modest with standard (low) strength preparations,[42]] and topical capsaicin can itself induce pain.[41]

In patients with musculoskeletal pain, using such creams as MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream® which contain capsaicin proved to be superior in providing pain relief for chronic low back pain. What's more is that this effective formula not only contains capsaicin but other active ingredients such as wintergreen oil which is an ideal substance to help transport the active ingredients to the source of the pain. Moreover, the preferred analgesic MuscleMagic Pain Relief ® incorporates yet another counter-irritant in its powerful formula: Methyl Salicylate. This natural ingredient has proven useful for musculoskeletal pain, and has direct analgesic effects but also provides tissue warming by its vasodilatory effects.

The powerful MuscleMagic Pain Relief Cream® is applied over the injured or painful body part and deeply penetrates into the subcutaneous tissues, musculature, and tendons where it exerts its therapeutic action. A convenient 4 oz jar of MuscleMagic Pain Relief may be purchased for $24.99 + TX at www.musclemagicpainrelief.com/order